It was a Good Day, Then a Bad Day, and Then a Pretty Good Day Today

I had a good day that turned into a bad day that ended up a pretty good day.

Got up at the usual 7:50 , ate my corn flakes, wandered around the perimeter until 9:15 when we left for town for some errands.

Nancy needed some lab work done because she is just so HOT.  Her thyroid is on the fritz and the docs are tinkering with her meds. The doctoras have been reducing her dosage the past 30 days.

Stop Uno: Lab for thyroid tests. In and out in five minutes, return in 60 minutes to get results.

Stop Dos: the farmer’s market where we bought Mangoes and baked goods.

Stop Tres: Breakfast at Cafe Cultura. Nancy had the special: Pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon with iced coffee. I had black coffee and a rest in the hammock because it was mid-morning break time. Nancy surfed the wifi and did some shopping while I did…

Stop Cuatro: Dropped Sofi off at Doctora Sharon’s office so Stephanie could make her beautiful.

Stop Cinco: Back to the lab to get results of the tests.

Stop Seis: Linea Vital to give the results of the tests to the doctora. We chatted about the results which where good: two out of the three tests were in the acceptable range and the third was moving upward quickly into the normal range. The doctora said Nancy should now skip a day of thyroid meds – effectively reducing her dosage even further.

This is where the day turned bad. Nancy was really hot. REALLY hot. The good part is we were in what is our equivalent of the emergency room Linea Vital. The doctora told the paramedic to take Nancy to the exam room and get BP and heart rate. Both were high enough that Doctora MaryAnne wanted to get an EKG.

She did. The EKG was acceptable and after Nancy rested in the air conditioning for a while her BP and pulse rate fell markedly. Doctora MaryAnne reviewed her meds and made some suggestions on what could be done to help Nancy’s body handle the heat better.

Nancy really felt poorly. I felt bad for her. She is good and then whammo, she feels over heated and light headed. Hopefully the meds will do the trick. Sad thing is: it will take 30 days before she knows for sure.

Stop Siete: Picked up beautiful Sofi.

Stop Ocho: Stopped at Antano’s to order some rice with chicken to go for dinner tonight.

Stop Nueve: Lunch at the Mafia Don’s walk up sandwich joint. Marcial, the sausage maker, was there selling sausage and he helped convey to the Don that I wanted a sandwich for Nancy that was mild: “No, picante, No.” He cut off a hunk of the pork roast he had to make sandwiches for Nancy to sample. Perfecto. He then made me a sandwich that was picante out of some of Marcial’s sausage.

Stop Diez: While The Don was making my sandwich and Nancy munched on hers, I ambled up to the pharmacy to get Nancy’s new meds.

Stop Once: We ran out to Frank and Delores’ house to grab some of Marcial’s chicken sausage they picked up and were holding for us for about ten days. Delores showed us her beautiful new hand crafted kitchen cabinets, picked some fresh oranges for us. Nancy said she was feeling 100% better than earlier – a relief.

Stop Dose: Antano’s to pick up our rice and chicken to go.

Stop Trece: Linea Vital to drop off the carbon from the prescription because Doctora MaryAnne forgot to keep it.

OK guys, try that getting all that done in the “old country” before 2:15 p.m. the same day.

After a dip in the pool at Sedolsoder followed by me eating a couple fresh mangoes while surveying my domain with the juice dripping off my elbows, Tom called to see if we wanted to come over for drinks and then out to dinner.


Not a bad day. Not a great day either, but… that was my day today.

The End.


update: oops, forgot a stop: Sebastian’s nursery to see if they would replace the plants they sold us that died. They said they would, but first they would make a visit to make sure the plants are in the proper place and compatible with the environment – sun/shade, etc.


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