The Joy of Tile

I listened to a podcast the other night about Body Integrity Identity Disorder: people who want to have a limb amputated because they think it’s cool.

I think I can identify with them.

I’m enjoying the heck out of living in a house with all tile floors and no steps up or down from one room to another.

I discovered today that if I borrow Nancy’s sewing chair (an office chair) I can wheel around Casa de Lazy and never have to walk again!

I think this will probably be a new Baby Boomer trend in home design/remodeling. Along with Big Ass Tee Vees and grab bars on the wet bar, I think Baby Boomers will all live in homes with tile or laminate floors and occupants will scoot around on motorized chairs.


Note: If it wasn’t for the ridges on the frame of the sliding doors, I could scoot myself outside once in a while too.


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