Beach Boys Brian Wilson Celebrates His 70th; Curse You Old Beach Geezers

Beach Boys Brian Wilson 70th Birthday

Well this is depressing.

Look at that picture from Brian Wilson’s 70th Birthday.

Yeah the Beach Boys are old, but worse, they LOOK old.

Really old.

(click image to embiggify)

Guys, they made photoshop for a reason. We  fans don’t want you to look old. When we see you in concert, the lighting and our seats and bad eyesight helps us perpetuate the myth of the Beach “Boys.”

Your publicity stills do the samething… we stay young in our eyes because you stay young through technology.

Nice that you tried by undergoing the knife of the plastic surgeons, but it didn’t work. And losing weight didn’t help either. Fat fills out those wrinkles. Doesn’t Bruce Johnson (left) look much better than Al Jardine (right)?

Aging is better than the alternative. But you screwed it all up by posting this photo on Facebook.

Curse you Old Beach Geezers!

I’m depressed.

Next up… Beach Boys Play Senior Living Atlanta

UPDATE: Happy Birthday Bruce Johnston who turns 70 today!  Proving that a fat Beach Boy looks younger than a thin one. Yay fat.

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