Wren In My Pocket

We have the cutest little wrens that are just busy, busy, busy building nests in my pockets.

Not while I’m wearing them. I’m not that laid back.

We have noticed the wrens on the clothesline before. They like to travel together, sometimes there are four or five flitting around. They duck in and out of our clothes on the line – my boxer-briefs seem to be a favorite. The sneak in the top, wallow around in the ” special area,” and then will pop out the leg.

These shorts had been hanging on the line for a couple days: the victim of a sudden rain kept them from drying.

Mid-day a wren was having a tug of war with a thread from the waistband. I got a good chuckle out of it. He pulled and pulled but eventually gave up and moved on.

We laughed about having a wren’s nest in my underwear and how uncomfortable that would be.

The laugh was on us: Nancy took the shorts down and put them away. I grabbed them after my shower and proceed to jam a hand in the pocket to discover the wrens had been hard at work!

Yes, I will be checking my boxer-briefs from now on.


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