Boomers Benefit by Bashing Balls!

With modern medicine’s breakneck advances and enough pills and programs available to keep people vibrant and fully functional well into their 80s, hitting the big 6-0 is no longer a taboo like it was only twenty short years ago. People used to think the walker and the dentures magically appeared when you turned 60, but the Boomer generation is annihilating the stereotypes with every year of motivated, healthy living. Yeah, it sounds cliché at this point, but 60 truly is the new 40.

However, life still takes its toll. Your bones have been popping and cracking and aching a little more every day since you were 35. Those arteries and that blood pressure is now a much larger concern for you. You become health-conscious when you reach your sixth decade, and you begin to view life differently. But as most vibrant people this age can attest, the word “fun” is still in the repertoire.

If you haven’t considered taking up golf as an activity yet, perhaps you should. But before you go purchase some spikes and a bag of clubs, you should realize that golf isn’t the retirement pasture it’s made out to be. It’s actually a very entertaining, exceedingly beneficial sport to take up that won’t physically exhaust you but will still give you a great workout.

Golf if a great way to keep your muscles active and toned and to keep the blood flowing. Those knees and that back may not permit jogging around, so walking the course (and occasionally running away after shanking a ball into an innocent bystander) is tremendous exercise. Apart from sporadic screams as you drive into the rough, the relaxing nature of golf is also great for your blood pressure and your general wellness.

Now, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to run into Jack Nicklaus on the senior tour and hand his hat to him, but golf can still serve as a very invigorating, healthy sport for you to take up. Just remember that an avid golfer needs some great supplies.

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