I Have a New Jingle for Pequeno Mundo, I’ll Start the Paperwork to Become a Freelance Writer

PEQUEÑO MUNDO is a chain of stores located in Costa Rica which specializes in the retail of baby, children and adult clothing, as well as home goods and hardware.

Nancy says it is the CR equivalent of Big Lots.

I liked Big Lots Lots. They had the best deals on A & W Root Beer and Barq’s Cream Soda.

It was recommended that while learning Spanish, it’s helpful to watch a movie with Spanish subtitles and dialog turned on. It only works if you know the movie almost by heart. Tom, one of my classmates, wondered if Caddy Shack had been dubbed.

I’m pretty sure it’s “Yes.”

Today I had the brainstorm that I should change some familiar songs to Spanish.

Pequeno Mundo translates as “small world.”  Rather than go for the earworm that Disney inflicted on everyone. I’m gong with…(Whole World In His Hands)

El tener mundo todo en sus manos,

mundo todo en sus manos,

mundo todo en sus manos,

mundo todo en sus manos.

Which evolved to…

Ellas Pequeno Mundo en sus manos…

(She has Pequeno Mundo in her hands…)

rinso and repeata!

And this is a classic depiction of getting any paperwork in Costa Rica authorized… hilarious as long as you just haven’t gone through some process requiring the gummits involvement.

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