How About a 2 Night Bahama Cruise for $59 Per Person?

This just crossed my email. If I lived anywhere near Florida, I’d be all over this.

Caribbean Cruise Line is offering free two-night cruises – rather than floating a boat with some empty cabins when people have to cancel.

They have reached out to some of us bloggers who have readers with too much time on their hands and are looking for some last minute fun.

Call 1-888-368-5150 for the ALL the details. But in a nutshell here’s the deal:

Two people can sail on a free two-night Bahamas cruiseout of Palm Beach, Florida.

All you pay is $59/person for port tax — so it’s $118 total.

The value of the cruise for two people is $599. The cruise includes a private inside cabin, all meals and entertainment. Food includes constant buffets, four restaurants and complimentary room service! You buy your own soft drinks and booze and tip generously.

Here’s the fun part, you have 18 months to book your cruise. There are blackout dates December 18 – 31 for dry dock days, and January 1 – January 4.

The ship sails three times a week, and two people can be added to the trip for an additional charge.

There is no requirement to attend a time share meeting. You choose to cruise, kick off your shoes, enjoy a snooze, have a little booze, schmooze, watch the views… what a deal!

As they say on the teevee, call now!

—– Caribbean Cruise Lines paid me to tell you about this.


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How About a 2 Night Bahama Cruise for $59 Per Person? — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve sent this to the boss-we’re taking a cruise in Dec but this would be good practice!!!!!

  2. oh I’m sure he’ll think of something-he’ll use the dogs as an excuse I bet!!!! I called and the guy who answered was a little wacky and weird………but he said there were no sales pitches or anything……..still-it sounds too good to be true!!!!!