On Living With A Woman Who Passes

We were in a discussion the other day about women in business in Costa Rica.  We observed that in most business transactions, most of the conversation is toward the man.  It’s changing here as more and more women are in the workforce in positions of authority. Just as in the states.

But in the states, most businesses have realized that the women control the purse strings and us guys are just along to stand there and nod our heads in agreement.

On a couple of occasions, Nancy has “passed.”

I guess when a tall fat guy with grey hair and blue eyes  is standing there, it’s pretty obvious I’m a gringo.

OTOH, Nancy is short, with dark hair (and fifty shades of grey). She has been approached many times in the grocery store by a tica asking if she knows where such-and-such is.

Yesterday in the pool chemical store, I was struggling with explaining that I needed soda ash for the pool. I finally said the magic word: Ash and the woman – who spoke NO english – grabbed the bag of Soda ASCH.

We price shopped the other supplies we buy regularly. I tried to interpret the labels and convey to the woman my understanding of the use… eg: “for raising PH?” “to shock the pool” “make the water clear” etc.

The woman stopped talking to me after the first question and talked directly to Nancy, who stood there quietly nodding her head in agreement and understanding.

She passed.

I could dye my hair jet black, but not sure what to do about my baby blue eyes. Don’t make no never mind, cuz when I opens my mouth, they will know anyway.

I’ll just keep living with a woman who can pass and hope she continues to learn more and more Spanish. Then I can stand beside her and nod my head in agreement – just like I did in the states.


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