Shopping at Gitmo: How Nancy is Rehabbing Al Quaeda

Nancy got a new ring in the mail today. Despite my best efforts not to inquire as to the details of the purchase, I found out the mailing address of the maker of the rings is Guantanamo Bay Cuba!

She had been shopping Etsy.

The sea glass ring was very affordably priced and shipping was $3 (she told me $2, but she lies!) and she was  pleased with it.

I made the comment that she was probably helping some Marine stationed at Guantanamo Bay Naval Station pass the time while waiting to shoot somebody.

She said she thought the ring was made by Al Quaeda.

Luckily, I’m right.

My husband and I are currently stationed overseas. The beaches have rare pieces of sea glass on them…. I knew that I wanted to do something with the sea glass as soon as I saw it! I hope that you love the products that I am selling and find them just as enjoyable to wear 🙂

I hope I’m not jeopardizing national security by putting it out there that Jessica is exporting Cuban Sea Glass.

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