Cousin Jorge Passed Away

Sitting in the doctor’s office yesterday perusing the daily paper to see earthquake photos, imagine my surprise in finding my name in the obits! Spelled correctly and everything. (Most people run the Van and the Patten together or lower case the P or spell it Patton.)

Jorge R. Escalante Van Patten died September 2, 2012.

He was an architect. (Thus the prefix Arq. before his name.)

In googling around, I found this:

Which is meaningless because it comes from a blogger who makes up postcards for architects.

For this reason my approach is
purely literary (another way of protection). Here I
mix together real and fictional stories. Some people
who “receive” a postcard from me are real people,
others unrelated or almost unknown to me.

So he made up a postcard for Jorge and said:

Dear Eugene, 

There is something in this beautiful old building 
Anglo Bank of grace and elegance of the 
first Dutch functionalism. Marked 
horizontal planes and abundance of glass, 
as in buildings Zonnestraal 
or Biljvoet Openluchtschool Duiker and 
in the same factory or Van Nelle Brinkmann, 
Van der Vlugt and Stam. 

And that’s all I know about Jorge R. Escalante Van Patten.

The end.

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