Needed: A List Maker That Speaks Spanglish


Nancy has a slight problem grocery shopping. She often forgets stuff.

Including the list she made so she won’t forget stuff.

I put an app on her iPhone so she can have the list handy because she always has her phone handy. She doesn’t use it.

It didn’t used to be a big deal because if this happened in the old country she had two convenient options:

1. She could call me at work and I would stop at the grocery on the way home.

2. She would call off dinner and we would go out to eat.

That didn’t work yesterday. And the options just aren’t as convenient as they were in the old country.

Bulbous (our oldest) has memory problems too and she has a voice activated shopping list-maker.

Works great – except when it doesn’t.

Here are some important grocery shopping items and what the list maker suggested…

  • M & M’s: Almonds, Ink Pens, Enemas
  • Orange Juice: White Cake, Corn Chips
  • Vodka: Advil, Pie pans, pot, black pepper

And it sure isn’t bi-lingual…

  • Guacamole: Waffle Iron, Wood Polish
  • Quesadilla: Cake Pan, Cayenne Pepper, Fish Bouillon
  • Nachos: Matzos (!), Pimentos

But of course, even with a list-maker, if the list maker forgets the list the list maker makes, there is no list.

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