Democrats Flood From Costa Rica After Obama’s Reelection

Obama got reelected and Democrats who had fled to Costa Rica are returning to the U.S. in droves!
Okay, that’s a big exaggeration.

I know two who are returning.

And they are married. So that’s really one right?


I’m being supportive of their decision to become pick-up truck nomads and live in a container. (They will be traveling North America in a camper.)

All the while I’m thinking…

  • is it safe?
  • what about the roads?
  • what about the language barrier?
  • what will you do for medical care?
  • is the government stable?
  • how’s the food?
  • how will you make friends?
  • what does your family think?
  • what will you do with Sprocket?
  • what about your stuff?
  • can you vote?
Good luck Leonard and Sally. 
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