Does Your Spanish Teacher Sing to You?

William partied the night before our Spanish class. His Bro-in-law had a birthday and William had not unpacked his car of party goodies – including his guitar and music.

We were pretty fried from friends visiting, so like any good goof-off students, we distracted him by asking him to play some tunes.

That worked for a little bit.

Then he decided that WE should learn a couple of songs in Spanish.

The first was The Little Drummer Boy or El Nino y el Tambor. We did OK with that one! The spanish words kinda fit the tune with which we were familiar. He sang it, then we sang it together a couple times, then he realized he could use this as a teachable moment (drat) and he asked us questions about El Nino y el Tambor.

Thank gawd we didn’t have to sing the answers.

The second song we pretty well butchered. It was a song about Manuelita who ran away to Paris and fell in love with a passing turtle. Manuelita was very wrinkled, but she got ironed and varnished to look better.


Por eso regreso vieja como se marcho.

(She came back as old as she left.)

We’re working on El Nino y el Tambor so we can go caroling.

Forget about the wrinkly turtles in Paris.

Here are some other activities of the week via, Nancy’s Blog
The girls will be helping me decorate the trees in a couple of weeks. Maricela said they’ve never had a Christmas tree! I have some stockings that I’ll be putting their names on too…..I told Maricela she could not come to see our trees, yes, I put up two trees, about 6 feet apart; one inside and one outside! She can come when we turn the lights on!

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