Padded Seats Come to Atenas Costa Rica! (Gratuitous Butt Joke Included.)

Yeah, I know!!! It’s the little things that we celebrate here!

Padded seats are making life in Atenas’ restaurants more enjoyable.

One of my biggest complaints has been that all the chairs in restaurants were made of wood. Granted, I have plenty of padding provided by Mother Nature, but still… after a leisurely meal I would rise from the table with what we used to refer to as T.B.  — Tired Buttocks.

It almost made me long for a booth at Mickey D’s just for the padding.  None of the chain restaurants have come to Atenas and wood-only chairs can be made cheaply and last a long long time.

My butt is is sure glad that padded chairs are showing up. So far, a couple of our regular hang-outs have upgraded. I hope others will follow the trend.

Here is a gratuitous butt joke:

One day a man went into a restaurant and ordered a bowl of soup. The waitress brought his order out to him on a tray with her middle finger immersed in the middle of his soup bowl.

“What the hell’s the idea of putting your finger in my soup bowl?” the man bellowed at the waitress.

“My doctor said the best thing for my rheumatism was to keep my finger pressed in a warm damp place,” the waitress informed him.

“Oh yeah,” the man shouted, “then why don’t you take that finger of yours and shove it up your fat butt?”

“I’m sorry sir the waitress replied, but I already tried that before I brought your soup out.”

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