Chatting About The Newtown Massacre In Costa Rica

Maricela, our tica housekeeper, commented about the kid killings in Newtown. After expressing her sadness and letting me know that she knows that Barack Obama was in church praying for the dead kids of Newtown, she observed that in Costa Rica, adults are killed – not kids.

And the adults are usually killed with bare hands or knives or clubs.

I told her that in the United States, most of the people I know own at least one gun: most have long guns, but quite a few have handguns. Most of the long guns are for hunting animals, the handguns are used to harm people.

My friend in Costa Rica, John, of St. John’s Cathedral and Soda, is convinced that the U.S. will have a ground invasion by a despot or a group of nuts. Therefore everyone should arm themselves to the teeth to fight off an imaginary enemy.

The Second Amendment is about giving the citizenry the means to fight off (defend themselves) from despots and groups of nuts who have designs on the country’s freedoms — and deer rifles are not at issue because you ain’t going to fight off a rogue general, with a battalion of military grade weapons.

He skips over recent history to make the point that Japan didn’t invade the U.S. west coast and Germany didn’t invade Switzerland because the citizens had lots of guns.

He’s forgotten about the current history that proves the group of nuts that want U.S. citizens dead will fly airplanes into buildings, or put  explosives in their underwear, or load up a truck full of fertilizer to get the job done.  There is no – NO – threat of ground invasion on U.S. soil that can possibly be repelled by a bunch of citizen gun owners.

John has also forgotten that the New First Amendment makes it impossible for any changes to the Second Amendment. The First Amendment has been usurped by corporation/citizens. Therefore the corporation/citizens can bribe or hold hostage lawmakers who want to change the Second Amendment (at the state or federal level) because they can cry New First Amendment privilege to spend kajillions of dollars to defeat those who want to limit assault rifles and large capacity magazines.  The NRA is the front for corporations who are in the business of selling arms.

About the NRA… They are so convinced the First Amendment is in the way, they have closed down their Facebook and Twitter accounts  lest these platforms become a place where citizens who oppose them might express themselves.

There will be more kid killings in the U.S.

A copy cat was arrested Sunday in L.A.

When the kid killing continues, we will all be sad again, and the President will be in church praying, and Congress or state lawmakers will sit on their hands full of cash provided by the NRA and it’s backers.

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Chatting About The Newtown Massacre In Costa Rica — 2 Comments