Atenas Has Some Spectacular Homes

Jeez Louise.

Atenas has some spectacular homes!

Here’s just one of perhaps a dozen that look like they are right out of a magazine.




Some people hate it.

I love it.

“They” say it’s a gouge on the side of the mountains surrounding Atenas.

The building has two very different façades. The street facing facade is a massive concrete wall providing privacy for the owners. Openings in the solid wall?plane, frame controlled views of the surrounding mountains. These and other strategically placed openings provide for natural cooling and cross ventilation. The private south facing elevation, with large transparent glazing and deep roof overhangs completely opens up this side of the house to stunning views across the valley towards San Jose.

I say this is exactly the kind of gouge house I would have if I had money to burn.  I mean really, what architecture would fit in Costa Rica?

Thanks for asking, I’ll tell you:

  • Something made of bamboo
  • in the trees
  • with a thatched roof

No thanks. OR, yes please: for guests.

Have a place like that on the land below and run a zip line to the treetops. Sending a few drunken guests careening into the Guanacaste Trees full bore might make them think twice about returning.

Don’t forget, if one can afford THIS place, one has other homes:

  • Log mansion in Vail
  • Penthouse overlooking Central Park
  • Villa in the Souse of France
  • Beach house on Maui
  • Estate in Scotland

This home is located in Morazan, a tiny village near Atenas. Probably only reachable by chopper.

Or zipline.


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