Baby Boomer Bucket List: Sailing Grenadines. Check.

I chatted with a former colleague from the newspaper business via the other day and he told me he was gonna check one off his bucket list.

He’s gonna sail around the Grenadines!

He mentioned that he would be on a 42 foot sailboat, and since my knowledge of sailboats is limited to 14 foot Lightnings, I had to check out all boat listings on this classified website for boats just to see what kind of work he will be doing.

Not much.

A 42 foot boat is a sweet way to travel around the Carribean. He mentioned that since there would be a skipper on board, he might enjoy a cocktail or two or three while adrift because he would be in good hands.

He lives not too far from Kentucky Lake and I suspect most of his sailing experience came there… it will be interesting to hear his trip report.

Hope he has a MaryAnn or Ginger along too.

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