Google Search Provides Creepy Insight Into Being Me

Moooooog35 finally got off his book-pimping lunacy and moved back into the world of the weird.

Did you know that if you drag an image into the Google Search if will serve up other images it things are similar?

Moooooog35 had a nasty scar from an operation on his bicep. Here’s what Google thought about his scar.

Picture #1: My scar is a hot Asian woman living in Graceland

I grabbed one of my Facebook profile mug shots and got this:


Not bad at first glance, they were mostly MUCH younger. But wait, three women look like me? Those poor souls. And what about that guy in the top row? He is a rapist. And the Asian guy? I look similar to Jing?Huei?Lee? Now the goofball near the bottom could have been my high school graduation picture. He’s a frisbee goofball. (Google links each of the photos to the web page where they reside.)

Google: We Bring Creepy To Your Desktop.

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Google Search Provides Creepy Insight Into Being Me — 4 Comments

  1. Makes me thankful to no end that I don’t have a picture of myself. I wouldn’t want to know. However, considering the possibilities, I might just try one of Grandad?
    Kirk M recently posted…Recovery and suchMy Profile

    • Actually that’s what prompted the post – AND Moooooog – …a friend that lives here looked up Grandad’s picture and showed his wife and she said “when was that taken?” Apparently Grandad has a twin in Costa Rica!

  2. And now I must leave yet another comment because I forgot, once again, to check that stupid little box at the bottom that let’s me know if there are any follow-up comments. Otherwise I’m sure to forget that…

    …oh hell, I forgot what I was going to say.

  3. Mark, at least you got other people for your Visually Similar Images. My husband got a toy train. He doesn’t think it’s funny, but I’m still laughing. I always knew he was kind of a square. Of course, I had to pin the VSI-Fail pics.