The World’s Ugliest Smiles

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In the Hollywood era, it may seem like everyone is graced with pearly whites. However, there are a ton of celebs still going au natural and holding on to their original smile. Many stars struggle with dental problems like everyone else, including gaps, overbites and plain old ugly smiles. Some celebrities claim to love their “unique” smile, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t benefit from some help. So here are six celebrities who have embraced their original smiles – albeit ugly!

Anna Paquin

She may be a knockout and an Oscar winner, but that gap between her front teeth is all I can focus on. Paquin has been quoted as saying that she’ll never fix her teeth, which makes sense to no one. When she smiles with her mouth closed, we temporarily forget what’s happening with her open mouth. She may be an awesome actress, but the smile does nothing for her. The space between her two front teeth is actually overpowering her smile. She could go from ugly to pretty with a classic set of braces and veneers.

Vanessa Paradis

She may not be smiling much these days after her breakup with Johnny Depp, but Vanessa Paradis has proudly displayed her gap-toothed smile in the past. It’s one thing to have a big gap, but Paradis has gaps between all of her stubby, small teeth. To make matters worse, her teeth are far from sparkling white.

Steve Buscemi

He’s definitely no sex symbol. Steve Buscemi’s crooked, misshapen way look completely untouched. Buscemi doesn’t strike me as the type to spend a ton of time on his appearance, but something tells me he could definitely use an extra trip to the dentist for a deep cleaning. Regardless of what he’s nominated for or starring in, he’s smiling loud and proud. One dentist has even been quoted as suggesting that Buscemi has gum disease and needs a bite correction.

Woody Harrelson

Thin lips, yellowish hue and small teeth – all things add up to one of the most unpopular smiles out there. Even though it seems to work with his personality, he could still use veneers to go from ugly to symmetrical. Dentists suggest whitening, gum reshaping and crown lengthening to create a wider tooth surface.

Kirsten Dunst

She calls them her snaggle fangs and Kirsten Dunst likes her smile just the way it is. The problem is, it just doesn’t work with her overall look. Dunst is pretty and polished, but her ugly smile is a mess. Dentists recommend crowns and braces to turn her smile all the way around.

Hilary Duff

Her smile started off ALL wrong. Back in 2005, Duff chipped her tooth on a microphone and got her first set of veneers. If you remember, they were huge. She faced a lot of bad publicity about having veneers that were too big for her. In 2008, she got a second set of veneers that reduced the length of her incisors. Her teeth might fit better now, but that big ole toothy grin is still a mistake.

Even the rich and famous have their faults!

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