Dewey Decimal System: Prehistoric Googling

prehistoricgooglingGretchen, at Law Without Pants (she works from her home) posted this image on Facebook.

Total Nerd Flashback. I remember doing this!  Not using the Dewey Decimal System to look up a specific book, but actually taking a drawer back to a table and going through card-by-card just browsing for something interesting.

I wasn’t in high school at the time, I hated books then. This was about the time the girls were discovering books and we would spend some time at the library so they could collect an armload to take home.

Then later, when they had reached middle school and outgrown the ” reading is cool ” phase I would hang out at the library just wasting time. This is when I did the most prehistoric Googling.

But the girls in the library never looked like the one above.

If you google Geeky Library Girl it leads to a pretty cool blog that is new to me. I think I am now a Tansy Fan.

Serendipity – brought to me by the Dewey Decimal System.


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