Ditch Mitch For a Bitch: Wet Ashley Judd for Senate (Slideshow)

Maybe the slideshow doesn’t work? Here’s a gallery…

Judd is scheduled to be the featured speaker Friday at a forum on women’s reproductive rights and is slated to receive an award Saturday night for her humanitarian work in India.

Such high-profile events are keeping the media spotlight on Judd, who is considering a bid against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. And that spotlight has elevated the race — which is more than 20 months away — to marquee status.

Ashley Judd likes to be wet in movies, so it makes sense that she will take the plunge (grooooooooan) into Big Time Politics by running against Mitch McConnell to represent Kentuckians in the Senate.

Ditch Mitch, he’s on he fritz. Bring on a bitch to enrich and bewitch. Which bitch? I won’t snitch. Imagine the rich  kitsche she would bring to the niche!

Wet Ashley Judd for Senate.

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Ditch Mitch For a Bitch: Wet Ashley Judd for Senate (Slideshow) — 4 Comments

  1. Yeah, Ashley Judd. She’s good looking enough, and she thinks highly enough of herself to be a Democrat. I can’t say I like her politics, but I haven’t had much admiration for Mr. McConnell either, so whatever. Maybe Angelina Jolie will run if any of the vampire women from California would die. But that’s the problem with vampires, they just stay in Congress forever and ever and ever.

  2. Ashley should stick with acting. There are enough idiots in D.C. without adding her to the mix…..