I Could Teach Michael Phelps About Golf Club Throwing


I could teach Micheal Phelps a few things about throwing golf clubs. I have lots of experience.
He doesn’t.

Phelps decided that he needed a challenge in his life, after winning 20 or 30 Olympic Gold Medals so he asked Hank Haney to teach him to play better golf. Haney is Tiger Wood’s former teacher and has a tee vee show on the Golf Channel called the Haney Project.

His biggest challenge was taking on Charles Barkley as a student.
Now that was tee vee worth watching. Even if you aren’t a golfer you will get the giggles from watching Sir Charles. Google it.

From the looks of Michael Phelps first attempt at venting his frustration over the game of golf, I could teach him a LOT (about golf club throwing.)

Phelps is shown flinging his driver high end-over-end after topping a drive.

Here lessons about golf club throwing that I have learned from a lifetime of experience:

  1. Never throw the club end-over-end like Phelps. When the club lands it can hit in such a manner as to snap that $300 or $600 or $70 driver in half. Not that Phelps has to worry about getting more clubs…
  2. Helicopter tosses are much preferable to end-over-end, the club will land more softly.
  3. Accuracy when attempting a helicopter toss is difficult. Hold on just a little too long and your club will end up in the rough just like your golf shot.
  4. If the ground is very dry and hard and you top your iron shots all day, don’t whang your five iron into the ground. I did that once and snapped the head off.
  5. Putters are not made for any high impact. Flip a putter toward the golf cart and the head is likely to pop off.
  6. Don’t throw any club intending to hit your golf cart. #1 it’s YOUR golf cart and the damage will remind you over and over how bad you play. #2 The club might bound off a seat or tire and come right back at you.
  7. Don’t flip a club up in the air when there are Pine trees nearby. They are notorious for having lots of tiny branches coated with pine sap and clubs can stick up there.
  8. Always attempt to throw the club toward the hole. Nothing is worse than throwing it away from the hole and walking (or driving) back to pick it up while other player’s wait.
  9. Keep the club in play – out of the thick brush and FOR SURE out of the water hazard.

Most importantly about throwing a golf club. Commit.  Nothing worse than raring back to let one fly, thinking how stupid you are and how stupid you look, then hanging on to the club coming forward full force and banging yourself in the shin.

Then you have a bad golf shot and a bloody shin.



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