Moving To Costa Rica and Living on Social Security


Tina the head Boomerina asked me what it’s like retiring to Costa Rica… rather than blow her off with some witty bon-mot (as if), I wrote a post for her site.

What’s it like retiring to Costa Rica? Wherever you are living now, imagine how you would answer that question if somebody was considering retiring there.

  • What’s it like retiring to Seattle?
  • What’s it like retiring to Scottsdale?
  • What’s it like retiring to Sarasota?

The correct answer is one that incontinent boomers know about:


And then I rambled on for another 1,500 words. If you have questions or comments, please leave them over at Tina Tina I’ll do my best to respond quickly and accurately.

But not today… I’m gonna hang out at the pool hall and shoot some stick.

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