Unanswered Questions About Kevin Ware


Questions I would like asked an answered about Kevin Ware, the University of Louisville basketbally player who broke his leg while playing in the NCAA Tournament.

  1. Why did this happen? He was a seemingly strong, fit, kid. Why did his leg snap?
  2. Did he have a previous unreported injury – a stress fracture?
  3. Why are taxpayers footing the bill for his hospitalization and rehab?
  4. Will Pitino keep his scholarship intact?
  5. Why wasn’t there much (if any) blood?
  6. Why didn’t Kevin Ware go into shock?
  7. Why was he not in excruciating pain?


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Unanswered Questions About Kevin Ware — 1 Comment

  1. Why does your blog open with a large area of nothiness and only appear after scrolling down about a mile and a half? Didn’t used to be that way.