Atenas Costa Rica Rain to Hitchhiker Ratio Still Favorable

naked hitchhikers

We don’t keep track of many stats around La Esquina de Perros (The Dog’s Corner) but we track two important  statistics:

  • hitchhikers
  • rain

In January February and March the Rain to Hitchhiker ratio is zilch. No rain! And I mean NONE.

55 hitchhikers total for the three months.

Since I had to take statistics three times in college in order to get a passing grade (it was a requirement for a degree in advertising) I don’t know how to state that ratio… is it 0:100 or 100:0? Or 0:55? Infinity and Beyond?Meh, you get my point. No rain, 55 hitchhikers.

The hitchhikers are our neighbors who don’t own cars. Nancy started the practice, much to my surprise. She originally had an ulterior motive for giving them rides. She said someday she may need some help on the road and it would be nice to know some faces and be recognized.  She had one restriction to begin with: women and children only.

But after a year of toting people back and forth, we will pick up almost anybody. Almost. We have to recognize them as a neighbor or they must be accompanied by someone we recognize or be dressed appropriately (see photo.)

We have met lots of our neighbors and gotten lots of goodwill from a pretty simple task. Some try to chat us up, or with each other, and others just sit quietly. We have had as many as six riders in addition to Nancy and I (kids piled in the back.) Most offer to pay. We have accepted only kisses as payment, and then only from Anna Victoria, a cute little tyke.

The Rain to Hitchhiker Ratio is changing.

April we had a few showers to start the rainy season. Didn’t amount too much, about two inches total rain over five different days.

We picked up 18 hitchhikers in April, so is that 2:18?  1:9?  At any rate the Rain to Hitchhiker ratio in Atenas is still very favorable.

But it looks like the rain will tip the scales soon, Pat read today this ominous warning:

According to the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional, they predict this rainy season will be shorter than normal, but much more intense, resulting in a 20% increase in the normal precipitation. They have issued an Emergency Announcement to the Municipalidads to be prepared for flooding and landslides.





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