Death Decision


Have life insurance?

Have life insurance that is building cash value?

Need cash?

I didn’t know this: if the above is true (not in my case) policy holders can get sometimes up to 8 times as much money by using a life insurance settlement vs. surrendering the policy to the life insurance company.

Here: Read this if you need cash: Life Insurance Settlement Link

In a nutshell,

A Life Settlement is the sale of your existing life insurance policy to an investor at a price that is sometimes eight times as much as the cash surrender value!

I’ve never heard of the plan and I’m not endorsing it, but if you fit these two criteria you may be the perfect candidate:

Ideal candidates are high net worth seniors age 65 and over with:

– A life insurance policy with a face amount of at least $250,000.

– A change in insurability since the policy was issued.

This is interesting… you don’t have to be on your death bed to benefit from this plan.

Many of us are just tired of paying for an expensive insurance plan that gives us coverage we don’t need. But the only option before this was to just give up the policy, or just stop paying the premiums and get nada.

I think I’ll check it out.

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