Common Ground Discovered in Orange Is New Black


One of the women in the new Netflix series “Orange is the New Black” and I have a commonality.

No, we are not both overweight dykes serving time in prison.
Yes, we use a CPAP.

This demonstrates once again how having Sleep Apnea has crept out of the dark unknown recesses of snoring and leapt into the mainstream.

But a normal size Continuous Positive Air Pressure machine was not dramatic enough for the director. My CPAP machine is about 8x5x3¬†inches and sits easily on the nightstand.¬†The machine on Orange is the New Black is the size of a room humidifier. It’s HUGE.

Conventional wisdom has deduced that it’s not really a CPAP machine, it’s a portable oxygen concentrator. But she’s hooked up to it using a CPAP mask and hose.

The character that needs the machine because of a “massive heart attack” plays a minor role (at least thru the first six episodes) But the CPAP has been mentioned more than once on the series… so I have a feeling this machine will be put to nefarious purposes eventually in the series. (Spoiler Alert: I finished watching and the CPAP never appeared again.)

BTW: if you liked “Weeds” you will probably like Orange is the New Black. Same creator.

WARNING: This is a very graphic show. But the characters are very interesting and as their tag line says:
Every Sentence is a Story.

If you were being sent away for 15 months, what would be your final Facebook status update?

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