Costa Rica Missing from New Google Map!


St. Todd deCubbville sent me a link to the new Google Street View picture of his house in southwest Florida. It was one of the days his solar water heater was being installed so there is a repair truck in his drive along with their two cars. You can barely see the front of the house.

While I was looking, an invitation from Google popped up inviting me to try the NEW Google Maps.

Even though I have a massively busy schedule, I figured I owed it to Sergey and Brin to check out their new work.

Costa Rica is MISSING!


OK, you have to zoom in just one time and the name appears, but c’mon. It’s a whole friggin’ country.

Shoot, even lil Guacimo has two labels… and damned if I know why.



I’m glad I found me.

And not only that, they have the streets laid out in the development. (Under the “Guacimo” label)

Costa Rica may be missing, but we’re still here. Google says so.

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Costa Rica Missing from New Google Map! — 1 Comment

  1. Costa Rica gone! I thought that I felt a disturbance in The Force the other day.