My Sure Signs I’m Becoming Used to Life in Rural Costa Rica


Sunny did a helluva a job coming up with 25 signs she is becoming used to life in Costa Rica.

Everything on her list applies to me too.But I thought it might be fun to take a minute to reflect on our life at Sedolsoder, Guacimo de Atenas, Costa Rica.

  1. Following cows up the road as they return to the finca is a highlight of the day.
  2. Laughing at cows bellowing.
  3. Morning routine includes looking towards Puriscal to make sure it didn’t slide down the mountain.
  4. When a horse takes a dump in front of the gate, I just clean it up.
  5. Giving people rides to town isn’t “picking up hitch-hikers,” it’s helping neighbors.
  6. “Toucans!” Will make me stop what I’m doing and scour the sky.
  7. Chattering parrots are white noise.
  8. I know exactly where to stand outside to get the best cell phone signal.
  9. Accepting that I will always have wet-feet: in dry season because I’m watering or cleaning pool filter or hosing the dirt of the rancho; in wet season because I always wear flip-flops.
  10. I always wear flip-flops because the bottoms of my feet are like leather.
  11. We laugh when the iguanas who live in our roof, scramble up and down the tin.
  12. When a bird flies in the house, I can guide him back out.
  13. Realizing the cargo shorts are immensely handy.
  14. Replaced “can you hear me now,” with ” ¡alo!… ¡alo!… ¡alo!… ¡alo!
  15. Cheering and waving and thumbs-up when any road work gets done.
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My Sure Signs I’m Becoming Used to Life in Rural Costa Rica — 2 Comments

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