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I found this random car part lying under the hood where it didn’t belong.

After searching and searching – even comparing cars of the same year, make and model, I was lost as to what or where this part belonged.

Most of us thought it was some kind of tensioner.

Wrong, past-tense breath.

It’s nothing more (or less) than a bracket to hold the plastic engine cover in place!




I posted my puzzle on the Internets and God Bless

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he said…
this looks like one of the 4 engine cover clamp to me.
you could weld it back i suppose..
BINGO. I finally made time to take the engine cover off and sho-nuff there was a similar part on the opposite side of the engine. A closer look and I could see where the random part had broken.
It shall remain broken.
I shall remain ever grateful to soji89 and the internets.
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Random Car Part Identified – I Love the Internets — 2 Comments