Chakraborty? Chakrabarti? or Choco-blarty?

Deblina and Meghna are so confused they can’t even agree on how to spell their last names.

Deblina spells it Chakraborty…

While Meghna spells it Chakrabarti…

So why do I know this fact? Because I listen to internet radio via Stitcher on the iPhone. And those names tend to stick in my mind.

ChocoBlarty? That’s the term coined by a blogger from eons ago when we decided to spend a Sunday blogging about chocolate. Chocolate, Blog and Party!!! ChocoBlarty.

DeblinaChakrabortyBefore becoming the homepage editor at, Deblina Chakraborty studied publishing and writing at Emerson College and worked as a writer and editor in both Boston and Mobile, Ala. When she’s not writing and editing stuff (and sometimes even when she is), she’s usually daydreaming about her next travel adventure — though you might also find her playing or watching soccer or adding to her collection of kung fu flicks. You can find Deblina on Twitter at @MissedinHistory and on Facebook at the official Stuff You Missed in History Class page.

MeghnaChakrabartiMeghna Chakrabarti is the co-host of Radio Boston, WBUR’s acclaimed weekday show with that focuses on news, in depth interviews with extraordinary people, and analysis on broader issues that have an impact on Boston and beyond.

She is also the primary fill-in host for Here & Now, NPR and WBUR’s newly expanded national midday news program.

Before taking the helm there in 2010, she reported on New England transportation and energy issues for WBUR’s news department. She also produced and directed WBUR’s national news and talk program, On Point, for five years.

They’re sisters, right? What are the odds that Chakraborti / Chakrabarti are from Boston doing radio and not be related?


Maybe not. Here’s what Wikipedia says…

Chakraborty (????????? Chôkrôbôrti) is a surname meaning “Ruler of the country” or “Emperor[1] of Bengali and Assamese people in Bangladesh and Indian states of West Bengal,Tripura and Assam. People with the surname Chakraborty commonly belong to the Brahmin caste. It is spelled in various ways, including ChakrabortiChokroborti Chakrabarti,ChakrabartyChakravartyChakravarthyChakravartiChakravorti and Chakravorty.

At any rate, if we ever have another ChocoBlarty they certainly can be co-hosts.

Hi and welcome to another edition of ChocoBlarty, I’m Deblina Chakraborty and I’m Meghna Chakraborti…

That would be epic.


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