It’s mangomania!

I think this must be a banner year for a bumper crop. Or a bumper year for a banner crop.

Mangos are everywhere! People who have mango trees (and almost everyone does, they are as common as maple or elm trees in the midwest) have to live with them falling on tin roofs and in their yard or down the hills where they splat on the street.

They are mangomaniacs.

This time of year a mature tree will drop 30-40 mangoes everyday. And the mango season lasts for a couple months, longer if a mangomaniac has a couple of different varieties.

We planted a mango tree before we knew the hills around us are covered in mango trees. Luckily it will be a few years before I start cussing the falling mangoes.

The mangomaniacs are complaining they can’t give them away – gardeners haul them away by the wheel-barrel load or truck load if they wait too long to pick them up.

The air is pungent with the aroma of rotting mangoes.

Some folks burn up kitchen appliances trying to put the mangoes to good use.

Meanwhile, many mango maniacs make majestic and masterful mango-ritas and mainline the maximum.


UPDATE:  Here is Joni’s mangorita recipe:

make simple syrup first which is 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water cook and stir for about 8 minutes then refrigerate. I freeze the mangoes first and then nuke them about a minute in the microwave before using. In a blender put 3 or 4 oz tequila, 2 oz Cointreau, 2 oz simple syrup, juice of one lime, one and a half or two cups frozen mango, then about 9 big ice cubes. Blend! Serves two.




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Mangomania — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for writing. Yup the variety of mango-picking instruments is varied. But who can argue with a bag on bamboo stick?

  2. You got that right on mangos everywhere!! I guess, cuz I’m still a “newbie” here I’m still totally in love with them and eat them at every opportunity (whether they’re given to me, I pick them off my tree in the back yard, or pay for them at the feria!). Also – do you have a good mango-rita recipe?? 🙂

    • updated post and sent you an email with the recipe.
      I was eating a Mango a day last year, sometimes two. But I was buying them. I stopped because so many people had them in their yards, but not to be an ingrate I found the quality of the freebies not to be the same as those from the feria. I guess if I had trees in my yard and could sort through dozens to find a couple, I might.