Animated Gif Monday – International Coffee Day

Happy International Coffee Daycoffee-sylvester-cat-coffee


We usually start everyday with a mugga 1820 brand coffee. Nancy is up first – and she gets things going to make what the Mr. Coffee says is 8 cups. Between our two mugs, there isn’t much left over.  I use her “F*** Off, I’m Knitting” mug – it’s huge.

Here’ are some facts about coffee that you can use to amuse and amaze your friends.

  • Only water outranks coffee as a drink worldwide.
  • Islamic countries don’t allow alcohol, so coffee is the “social” drink.
  • Coffee was originally eaten by African tribes – the original energy pill!
  • There is a coffee “bean-belt.” It only grows in area between the Tropic of Capricorn and Tropic of Cancer.
  • Coffee is a fruit – the bean is the nut.
  • The best organic coffee tour is in Atenas at El Toledo.
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