Made the Move to Ireland



Not a tough decision really to make the move to Ireland. I wasn’t happy in Cupertino, California!

I’m taking about where my blog resided and where it moved. has been miserable lately. They are a WordPress preferred provider, but that privilege should be revoked post-haste (see what I did there? Blog/post/post-haste)

In the last 30 days the site has been down 13% of the time. Including a stretch where the site was down for fifty HOURS… ridiculous.

So I quit ’em.

Fired ’em.

Hired a guy in Ireland to pack me up and move me there. It’s done, I’m moved.

CurratechBlogHosting did it all. I just gave him access to my back-end and he flushed everything out of Bluehost and downloaded onto his server…

toilet-flush-cat-oYup. I’m pretty sure that his main tech person is a pussy.

It was painful for him. Painless for me.

Yours is the oldest site I have taken over to date and it is massive in size – around 760Mb in total, and the Uploads folder alone is nearly 600Mb.  My problem is not the size but rather the backups!!  One of my schedules is to backup the Uploads folder every week and that backup file on your site came to 580Mb [compressed] which took an age to download.

Big promises have been made about improving performance of the site.

You’ll see, just watch this space. And for those of you who clicked her and got a blank page or spinning wheel of boredom, thanks for sticking with me.

If you want to contact them about hosting your site, click here.

How can you go wrong with a tag line that says The Home of Great Blogs.

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Made the Move to Ireland — 6 Comments

  1. No Lucky Charms, leprechaun, or potato reference?
    I had noticed you were down quite a bit lately. But it sounds like this guy knows what he’s doing.

  2. So now now you’re an American expat living in Costa Rica with a blog located in Ireland. I’m sure that means something but I’m not sure what. However, in Latin it translates to:

    American Costa Rican cum blog sita in Hiberniam

    Just so you know (?!?)

    If you start feeling strange all the time you’ll know why.