Danger! Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Nobody was injured... just a ruling needed for points.

Nobody was injured… just a ruling needed for points.


Put a horseshoe or a hand grenade in the hands of a geezer and stand back.


A bunch of guys that live in the Atenas area get together on an irregular basis – because we are all irregular in more ways than one.

We bowl, we shoot pool, we play poker, we watch soccer, AND most recently, we pitch horseshoes.

OMG, do you know how dangerous a 2 pound hunk of metal thrown through the air can be?

And Lawn Jarts got banned?

lawn darts


I have never pitched a shoe in my life. My partner had never pitched a shoe in his life. Our opponents had never pitched a shoe in their life.

So there we stood flinging 2 pound chunks if iron at each other. AND, the other players were within six feet of where we were pitching. AND YES, a player through a shoe high and right and almost hit the players standing next to him.

After 75 minutes of throwing the shoes and both teams only scoring 11 points total (team needs 25 to win) we changed the rules and allowed shoes that bounced or rolled into the pit to be scored.

20 minutes later and no points closer I was pooped. It was sunny, hot and humid. I recruited an experienced player to take my place. In short order, he threw a couple ringers and won the match while I watched from the shade rehydrating my ownself.

Next time, I’m sticking to cornhole.

Or Jarts.

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