Muscleman Tim Berry Looks Older

Here’s a guy that thinks he is in fantastic shape and he ALSO thinks he looks younger than his actual age.



So whaddya think his age is?

  • 47?
  • 57?
  • 67?
  • 77?

Does this help?









His girlfriend says this…

Wish my honey luck. He has been in the Lifetime 90 day body transformation contest and is currently in the top 3, nationwide. Saturday is the last weigh in day. He will be doing his Friday morning. The winner takes home a nice little check. Please pray for him. He has trained very diligently to accomplish this transformation.

Please pray for him.  Yes, because God wants us all to have bodies like this.

He’s 47 years old. I think he looks at least 20 years older – in the face.

Wonder how the rest of his body is hanging…

Mr. Balls

Mr. Balls

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Muscleman Tim Berry Looks Older — 3 Comments

  1. I was going to guess 57 or maybe 67. That’s one of the drawbacks to extreme weightloss, like they do for bodybuilding contests. It makes your face look old. For the women it makes them look like men in the face. A lot of celebrities have resorted to that same sort of extreme weight loss and carb cutting to get down to the tiniest possible size, then they put a little weight back on to smooth out the wrinkles and sharp angles just enough, and then they’ll film their new movie or whatever. They look awesome during the filming, but right before they look like hell.
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