Bing Fail. Sticking With Google

I have read a lot about Microsoft’s Search Engine Bing integrating results from social media – mainly Twitter and Facebook.

I thought it would be pretty cool to see those results when I search… I was prepared to give Bing all kinds of personal information so I could search my friends Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter feeds.

What I wasn’t prepared for was an Epic Fail of to allow me access to their search engine features.


I fired up Chrome and typed in

Of course, since Google is my default search engine it took me to the home page search bar without a hesitation. .

Bing recognized I was in Costa Rica and offered me a start page in Spanish.



OK, so I need to change the language to English. No problemo. I’m used to that.

Hmmmmm, must be that gear looking thingy.

Yup, changed language to English here:



Go back to the home Bing page and Oh, lookie a sign in… that will save all my personal information and preferences. Sure, I’ll sign in.




But since I don’t recall my account – having stopped using it about a HUNDRED. YEARS. AGO., I tried to sign up for a new account…


Wait. What? It’s in Spanish. I just changed it to English.

OK, I’ll let Chrome translate the page to English and I’ll sign up for a Microsoft Account and see where it leads.

Whoooops, this is not good. The sign up page has a 404 page error.



And the page was still in Spanish.


Nevertheless, I bulled my way ahead. After all, I own Microsoft and even though Bill Gates Is A Prick, I was determined to use Bing.

So I clicked on the No puedes acceder a tu ceunta?

I let Chrome translate for me and Microsoft want a whole boatload of personal info… Full name, address, blah blah blah, in addition to a user name and password.

And of course, it wanted to make sure I wasn’t a Robot. There was a little spinny wheel going around – the kind that lets you know the page is looking for something. In this case an image where I was to retype whatever it showed me.



Except it NEVER LOADED… NEVER…. a dozen tries and NOTHING.

Bill Gates is a Prick!

Bing is a Fail.

I’m back to Google for my searches so you are still safe from my prying eyes on your Facebook and Twitter feed.

By the way, Guyism suggests that if Bing would have been called Bang, it would have been much more successful because instead of Googling Angelina Jolie, they would have been Banging Angelina Jolie.



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Bing Fail. Sticking With Google — 2 Comments

  1. I agree. Bing is a bust. Had you been successful, you would have found that Bing/Microsoft attempts to absorb you into the Bing Cube and resistance is futile. They overtake your browser, apps appear, searches are redirected. Just monitoring for the sneaky little installs turns into a daily routine. It’s a nightmare. Google Chrome and Google search are much better than Internet Explorer and Bing.

    I won’t even get started on Yahoo.