I Remember Shaving Brushes

My dad used to use a shaving brush and soap. None of this aerosol glop I used to use. I have become my father. I gave up using the aerosol canned stuff when we moved. It’s just so much easier to use soap.


A shaving brush is a unique and classic shaving device that many of us have seen but perhaps never used. A shaving brush is a small brush with soft bristles that you can use to apply your shaving cream or shaving soap to your face before you shave. This is opposed to applying shaving cream or soap directly to your face using your hands.

When using a shaving brush, you run the brush under warm water until wet. Shake the excess water off, and dip it into the shaving soap or cream. Next, lather up the face using a circular upward direction with the brush to help lift the facial hairs. When more lather is needed, run the brush under water and circle it around your face again. The process is repeated until your face is completely covered.

There is a large selection of shaving brushes to choose from, like the ones that The Art of Shaving carries, depending on how much money you want to spend. Some brushes are more elaborate than others, and the bristles will vary with each one. Most shaving brush bristles are made of animal hair. In most cases, this is either a badger or boar hair. The more prevalent of the two is the badger hair brush. Badger hair is used more often because it holds water better than the rest, and water is a big part of how the shaving brush works.

There are many benefits of using shaving brushes. The brushes retain water well, and when mixed with the shaving cream produces a nice, thick lather to ensure a smoother shave for the skin. Additionally, since you use a circular motion with the brush for applying the cream to your face, the motion helps to lift hair off of the skin making the shaving experience easier than it would if the hair were lying flat down on the face.

The motion of the brush helps to clear the face of any dead skin and assists with providing a closer, cleaner shave. When you are done shaving, you simply rinse the brush off and hang it up to dry until you need to use it next.

How about this is a Christmas gift idea for dad, grandad, or uncle?  Buy a nice shaving brush kit special that includes the brush, razor and a small stand that holds the shaver and brush both.

I guarantee he won’t get two of them!

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