U.S. Struck With Widespread Panic. Costa Rica Avoids Catastrophe.

Spring Back, Fall Forward
Fall Back, Spring Forward


Some citizens of the U.S. are being struck with widespread fear and panic if you believe ALL media outlets.
Yet Costa Rica always avoids this twice-yearly panic situation.

Daylight Saving Time has come once again. Every news broadcast and every news paper will alert citizens of this major groound-shaking event.

Costa Rica has immunized the Ticos against such a need.

Tico Time is the standard time zone across the entire country. For a guy that spent his whole life on deadline, this has been a huge adjustment for us – Nancy too. We still get a little anxious when the Ticos aren’t where they are supposed to be when WE thought they should be. I think it’s this way with most Gringoes. Adapting to Tico Time is tough.

We need to take their theme song… A Clock With No Hands… to heart.

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