Gringos Give Back

ChiliCookOffTeamThere is a huge fund-raiser this Sunday in Atenas. It’s the seventh annual Chili Cook Off. There will be 24 teams entered – about 1/3 of them Ticos to give samples to the paying public. In addition, there will be more food and drink to purchase as well as raffle tickets.

2000 are expected to attend. The proceeds benefit a local orphanage.

But the Gringo Give Back doesn’t stop there. As a matter of fact, this highly visible and publicized event is just the tip of the iceberg.

Many gringos choose to give back in a variety of ways.

  • A prominent local gringo businessman paid for school supplies for his handyman’s children: clothes, shoes, paper, books, etc.
  • A gringo family provided a Christmas for a family that never had enough money to buy presents for their kids.
  • Another gringo couple pays for neighbors to have their dogs or cats spayed or neutered.
  • A group of gringos donated rakes and shovels to the local fire department because that’s how they fight fires on the mountainsides far away from water supplies.
  • Gringos generously chipped in cash and other household supplies when a fireman died in a blaze.
  • Gringos with cars often shuttle people to the doctor or emergency room.
  • A youngster got to study English during the summer (now) because a group of Gringos paid for the classes and books.

So enjoy the Chili Cook Off. Wander – around the sponsor area and tell them “thanks” and tell the Chili Cook Off teams “thanks” and spend a few bucks on raffle tickets and drop your extra coins in the kettle.

But don’t think this is the only way Gringos Give Back.

But you knew that already.




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