Costa Rica’s Unknown Fashion: Happy Earmuff Invention Day



Hell, earmuffs are practically extinct in frozen weather climates.

But today is the day that Chester Greenwood was given a patent for earmuffs back in 1877.

He was awarded patent #188,292 for his grandmother’s creation.

Gramma’s don’t get no credit for nuttin’


According to The Wall Street Journal back in the day…

“Chester Greenwood’s ears were so sensitive that they turned chalky white, beet red, and deep blue (in that order) when the mercury dipped.” Talk to the Greenwood descendants and the facts of the matter are different. What was wrong with Chester’s ears? “Just cold,” says grandson George Greenwood. “Big and cold.”

Here are some of my favorite earmuffs…

earmuffs_princessleia Earmuffs_Hipstormossan-ear-caps Earmuffs_hamburger earmuffs_boobs

Need to know more? Go here.


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