Microsoft Needs to Employ “The Help” for XP Transitions

Microsoft Windows XP will die April 8, 2014.

Bill Gates has resumed his prickery as he rejoins Microsoft in a leadership role. He killed XP – a 12-year-old operating system that was working just fine on my old Dusty Dell Desktop.


I’m reminded of the line from The Help…

You is conned.

You is smut

You is impotent.

Yeah, the way I remember it isn’t exactly true to the movie… but it’s appropriate for the Death of XP.

You is conned…

My old Dell is working peachy. It’s spent time in Kentucky. It’s spent time on a freight truck moving to Savannah Georgia. It’s spent time at sea rocking back and forth in a shipping container to Costa Rica. I didn’t think it would last, so  I bought a new back-up computer with… wait for it… Windows VISTA!!!

You is smut…

(no, not that kind… Corn smut is a plant disease caused by the pathogenic fungus – not to dissimilar to Windows)

But because Bill Gates says so. I will disconnect it from the innerwebs soon. The risk of getting a disease on the innerwebs from using an outdated operating system will explode after April 8. Just think of all those bad guys with their pockets full of viruses they will unleash as soon as Microsoft abandons us.

criminals may have been stashing away exploits to use once Microsoft has departed the scene, leaving the OS open to unpublished lines of attack, according to Gartner Research vice-president and research director Michael Silver.

You is impotent…

It’s hopeless. I thought I could leave my trusty XP up and running and just be extra vigilant in doing stuff on the web. Nope… even with ALL the security measures you can muster, the bad guys can get to my computer and take over as long as I am connected to the internet. The computer doesn’t even have to be turned on, but if the cable is hooked up, the bad guys can get me. Impotent.

So I am upgrading the Vista machine to Windows 7 and when that is done (IF it is done) I will disconnect the Dusty Dell. Perfectly good machine that just runs and runs and runs. Until Bill Gates says “nope, no longer.”

Bill Gates is a Prick

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Microsoft Needs to Employ “The Help” for XP Transitions — 6 Comments

  1. laughing…. Bill Gates is a Prick… all day I’m gonna be laughing. It’s a horrible feeling to not have something to say about what you want and what you don’t want… God, I know. And Vista???? OMG!!!

  2. dude! as a former journalist, I feel your pain. when I read your copy my side aches from laughing. I can see you are much like that sergeant in the joe wambaugh novel, glitter dome, you are fair, you hate everyone. good work, wife and I are strongly considering a move to costa rica, carib side, any thoughts? are you planning to run for office there? it might be our only hope. gary out.

  3. Gary: thanks for your kind comments. We found the Carib side to be too hot and too rustic for us. We wanted to be close to good hospitals – which turns out was a good decision.