Two Germans and a Golden Walk Into a Bar



Bulbous is being observed in the hospital. I spent a couple days there too as a requirement of the hospital. Now it’s St. Todd DeCubbville’s turn, so I am doggy watching. The above is not photoshopped. I put Xanax in their fish oil capsules. (no.)

In the crate is Cacia. The golden to the right is Gillespie (Gil) and the 10 month old is Satchmo another german shepard. aka Dammit! Move-move-move, Devil Dog, etc etc.

I like Gil.
I like Cacia.
Someday maybe I’ll like Satchmo.

Feeding time is wild. I didn’t shut Devil Dog in the crate while he inhaled his food.
I put food in Cacia’s bowl and Bull Dog ate half because he came charging out of his crate. You know how rodeo bulls act?
Yeah, like that.
Luckily, he let me pull him by the collar and back into his crate!
In that process Satchmo put his hoof into Cacia’s water- which slopped on my foot.
Air. Blue.
Of course other two ate just fine. Fast but fine.

Amy asked how we were getting along…

All is quiet.
And good.

We will be just fine.
I’m pretty sure that’s true.

It did turn out to be true. We all survived and are now at home resting comfortably.

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