Listen Up When Your Doctor Says “Go Soak Your Head”

Always looking for a pretty face for my posts, this is our Dra. Candy

Always looking for a pretty face for my posts, this is our Dra. Candy

I have excessive ear wax. I think it’s a family trait.

I’m one of those believers that one should not put anything in an ear smaller than an elbow. So I don’t do the cotton swab bit. Nancy, on the other hand, I’ve been told has Spic ‘n’ Span ears. because she loves her QTips.

Excessive earwax hasn’t been a problem for me until I moved to the humid mountains of Costa Rica. Now, about twice during the rainy season, the waxy buildup gets bad enough that I use drops the clean things up because my ears get plugged enough that I can’t hear.

The other day I visited Dra. Candy because I have been feeling under the weather. Pretty sure it was a mild sinus infection, but I asked Dra. Candy to check things out.

Upon inspecting my ears, she said I have a lot of wax.

She prescribed some ear drops (free from the Costa Rica medical system) and told me to use them three times a day.

She asked if we had a swimming pool. I expected a lecture on how I need to be careful too keep water out of my ears.

Wrongo, El Agua Noggin.

She said I should use the drops and then swim to get water inside my ears so the wax would come out easier!

Doctors orders: I need to swim more. Pura Vida!

Nancy and I got in the pool today. The conversation went something like this:

Her: You need to go underwater.

Me: No, I can just use the shower.

Her: I’m telling Dra. Candy on you.

Me: Oh no, not that. OK I’ll do it. Wonder how long I need to be under.

Her: muffle, burble, gurble, burble, muffle…

Me: I can’t understand you when my ears are underwater.

Her: I think half an hour underwater should do it.

She messaged Dra. Candy and she replied: “JaJaJa. Perfect.”  (Yes our doctor is available by messaging her on the phone and yes SHE replies.)

So I’m regularly soaking my head. Doctora’s orders.

It beats the alternative… Picking and eating my earwax … like this congressman from Florida.

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