Scary Phone Call Takes Me Back to Class of ’65


I got a scary phone call the other day. If was from Larry Bowerman regarding the fiftieth reunion of the Quincy (MI) High School Class of ’65.

It’s been 50 year’s since I graduated from high school.
50 years.

Actually, I didn’t get the phone call here in Costa Rica. My daughter got the call on her home phone in Florida. Larry left a message with a return number to call.
I did, but got his voice mail.
At least I think it was his voice mail.

The man who recorded the message didn’t identify himself. But he sounded about the right age.

I’m not sure how Larry got Bulbous’s phone number. I’m not sure if he knows about The Google Machine or The Facebook Machine, or The Linked-In Machine, or The Google+ Machine or The Twitter.

Who uses a phone to try to track people down?

Oh, right, Geezers who graduated from high school fifty freakin’ years ago!

Nancy and I went to the same high school and graduated at the same time. We attended our 25th reunion because – according to Nancy “Dad made us…” Her Dad was superintendent of Quincy Community Schools at the time. When we attended, he was the high school principal.

At least the people at the 25th reunion were somewhat recognizable.


I’m afraid at the 50th reunion, I won’t recognize a soul. The room will be full of old people whose names I don’t remember.


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Scary Phone Call Takes Me Back to Class of ’65 — 1 Comment

  1. they’ve come looking for me too….good old BEHS 1965…when I saw 50th, I thought it was a mistake, but no, all too real