Atenas Costa Rica Rain Report for June 2014


A total of 13 inches of rain fell during June, 2014 on lil ole Sedolsoder in lil ole Guacimo de Atenas. I thought it was a lot for this early in the rainy season, but checking my official records it’s about the same as the previous two Junes we have lived here.

We are in the “Veranillo de San Juan” break now…

Costa Rica’s “Little Dry Season” is about a week late this year. It usually shows up around the 24th of June. This is an annual phenomenon when the ITCZ actually moves north of Costa Rica, giving us a mini-summer for a couple of weeks. 

It doesn’t rain hard everyday, but more often than not, early afternoon brings a cloud cover and a little shower. It’s the time of year when our departure routine includes unplugging to prevent lightning damage. We’ve been without a power-gate for a few weeks because it was hit by lightning.We also lost a small (12″ diameter) tree to a huge gust of wind. It was a “junk” tree so losing it was a plus: it improved our view of the valley.


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