How to be good at everything


Some people absolutely breeze through life, don’t they? You know the sort: good looking types, charm oozing out of them, winning smiles, careers on an ever-upward trajectory, brilliant at sport, DIY, cooking, building homes with bare hands, fixing cars. Brilliant at everything. Maddening, isn’t it?

Still, why not join that crowd? Wait – don’t roll your eyes and raise your eyebrows; it can be done. With a slight disclaimer admittedly. This is how to be good at everything you do, let’s face it, if you’ve never been able to kick a ball properly you’re not suddenly going to be transform into a talented footballer overnight.

Making career progress….
Making an impression in your workplace and developing your career in the way you want it to is not always easy, and not always in your control – external circumstances can seriously effect a business. But some things are in your control and you should control those. Be punctual, dress smartly, stay sharp and bright. Ask if you can sit in on meetings, even if your presence is not requested. Ask questions, when appropriate. Communicate properly; if you’re struggling with a task, say so. Demonstrate an enthusiasm for the company and the industry it is in. Support any social events with your attendance.

… or making a career change
You can’t be good at your job if you either dislike your role or feel you are unsuited to your current profession. You have little hope of thriving if you have come up against a brick wall. That being the case it’s time to contemplate a change in career, and there is nothing to stop you. Consider what it is you want to do and if that requires you to learn a new skill, do so in your spare time and examine all the opportunities which may be available. The only person stopping you from achieving is… you.

Practice, practice, practice
There’s really no secret to being good at anything. It’s about knowledge and practice. If you have a longing to cook, or to take your cooking to a new level, practice: experiment with recipes and do so when you have time, not when you’re rushed and hungry mouths need feeding. If you want to write a novel, you can do all the research in the world but there’s no substitute for just… writing. If you want to perfect your online roulette strategy on websites like you need to familiarise yourself with playing styles and rules. That’s how to get better!

Be generous with your time
Rushed jobs are compromised jobs and the same logic applies in your personal life. If you’re a parent, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of just spending time with your children. You can cram all the clubs, hobbies and activities in as much as you like but having time for your kids is crucial, whether that is spending an hour colouring, reading a book, or just watching television together. Paying attention, and not being distracted, is the key to being a good parent.

Don’t try and be good at everything…
If this sounds like a contradiction to all that has been written before, it’s not. It’s impossible for anyone to be good at everything, no matter what impression any individual might give off. You can only cram so much into your life and there might be one or two things you need to drop: prioritize what is important and make sure you’re putting everything into these areas of your life.

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