August 2015 Rain Report for Atenas


August didn’t look like the rainy season. We only got 6.25 inches of rain at Sedolsoder in Guacimo de Atenas. And 3 inches of that came on August 1!

Compare that to 12.5 inches in 2014 and 10.5 in 2013…

It was a very dry start to the season which is really OK with me because I’m not a big fan of rain – unless it comes gently after dark.

September has started a little more normal with one inch of rain falling in the afternoon and evening. Please stand by


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August 2015 Rain Report for Atenas — 1 Comment

  1. The last time I was there I found a great place to live by posting on a blog. If you happen to know of a place for 2, me and my boyfriend for 3 months please let me know. Tico style acceptable, nothing upscale needed. I love atenas so I am hoping to be there again. Thanks in advance!
    My phone number is 443.413.1913 is need to call.