First for Costa Rica – Stung by Scorpion


This is Nancy’s toe for scale. This is the largest scorpion we have seen.

I’ve quit writing about Costa Rica for the most part because things have settled into a “routine.” (Aside: you have to live here to know how ridiculous that statement really is.)

The routine was broken when I was moving a chaise lounge from off the rancho and into the yard. I grabbed the cushions off and picked up the wooden frame. A scorpion fell onto my big toe and jabbed me.

Yes, it hurt like hell. I’ve been stung by the wasps here and they hurt, but not as bad as this. Nancy grabbed some ice for me to put on the sting and that numbed my toe and took away the pain. After a couple of cubes melted, I went back to work and 30 minutes later the pain was gone.

We are vigilant when we put on shoes and other clothes because we know critters here like to bite. Avoided the dreaded scorpion sting for a little over four years – not bad.

Hope to avoid the snakebite altogether.

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