Costa Rica Construction = SNAFU


It’s no secret… everyone who hires somebody to do construction in Costa Rica has a horror story – or ten!

Here’s our most recent one involving the installation of a whole house water tank. A one day job.

  • Carrying in the tank, the guys ran smack dab into the Bougainvillea bush. It’s tall enough they could have walked under it if they would have carried the tank at waist level. Instead they put it on their shoulders.
  • Getting access to the electric  meter one of the guys was stung by a wasp.
  • The electric wire was all the same color – white, no red, green or blue.
  • The conduit from meter from the breaker box was dug on a curve.
  • Installer placed the order for parts and I paid and had them delivered. Parts were missing – which were delivered by cab (installer paid.)
  • Tank needed to be on a level concrete surface. I had to show the worker how to work the level. He thought putting the level on a steel tube and then on blocks were level. Of course only the END blocks were level with each other, the ones in the middle were obviously low.
  • The cage to hold the water pump was welded on site and the welder put his hand on a hot tube and burned himself.
  • Cutting the tubes involves using a grinder wheel which threw off huge amounts of sparks – it hasn’t rained here for 45 days.
  • More parts were missing so he said he would finish next day and he would bring the parts.
  • Next day car problems, promises to come the next day.
  • Ready to hook up to water source which we couldn’t find. (OK, I take some responsibility for not knowing, but isn’t that the FIRST thing we should have considered?)
  • Pump hooked up and manufacturer-made connection leaked.
  • Came back next day and finished the “one-day” job which was now a one-week job according to calendar.

We had water the whole time… and I did laugh when the final day, he got out of his car and put his hands in the air and said “hallelujah!!!!”

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